Seduce the Darkness
I don't hate you.. I just don't like that you exist.

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Vampire’s problems

adam is not amused

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Behold the Great Archangel Gabriel.

He might be mighty archangel but he is a breast man too it seems.

#ThePervyArchangel or #TheArtEnthusiast

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Anyone who’s ever going to find his way in this world, has to start by admitting he doesn’t know…

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You still don’t trust me? Would you?

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On the set of Only Lovers Left Alive

It’s an amazing wig, it’s made out of human hair and yak hair and goat hair, both my wig and Tilda’s wig, and Mia’s. Because Jim really wanted the vampires to have this kind of feral beauty. We talked about wolves, if you see a wolf in the wild, their fur looks incredibly shiny as it has just been on condition. And, you know, because these are not just refined, sophisticated artists. They are wild creatures. They are Vampires. I thought that was cool, you know.”

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Give us your red carpet look.

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If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


Loki: Agent of Asgard #8 cover by Lee Garbett, out Nov 2014


Tom Hiddleston’s Voice - Part 1


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So why is one considered ‘inappropriate’ and the other accepted? Stop sexualising my body. 

I wonder this too. Why is it a man’s breast and nipple are okay to show but a woman’s breast and nipple isn’t.

fave wow

best thing to reblog yet

it’s funny because every time I reblog this I lose at least one follower who seems offended by a nipple

I love this

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